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"Our most rewarding endeavor is to build confidence in our beliefs and cultivate the wherewithal to actualize them."

"Each of us is an example of what is possible and, by virtue of that, inspires greatness in others.  Our greatest contribution to those around us is our own excellence."

"Life is the canvas upon which our spirit renders its masterpiece."


The Creative Mindset is how you think and feel about yourself or a thing, which guides and permeates every part of your life.   You can be limited or empowered by the things you think.  The way you think influences your self-esteem, your confidence, your creativity, how you see the world, and what you allow to affect you in the face of challenges.  Further more, whether or not you are conscious of it, your underlying beliefs shape your character, your health and appearance, your circumstances, and your destinies.  Having a creative mindset is necessary to creating those things you want in life.

Maurice teaches audience members how to apply his successful methods of The Creative Mindset to a wide range of businesses today.  He will cover topics such as, Positive vs. Negative Thoughts, Understanding Your Thoughts, Mastering Your Mind, How to Have a Burning Desire, and Creative Characteristics & Personalities.  He shares these winning tips with everyone from students and entry-level employees to small business owners and corporate CEO's.  Each one will walk away with invaluable tools to incorporate into their professional endeavors.

As a motivational speaker, Maurice's story of humble beginnings success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance, will inspire any audience.  Much more than a business advisor, Maurice shares his unique way of setting goals and achieving strategies using The Creative Mindset which will empower audience member to make positive changes in every aspect of their lives for immediate and long-term success. 

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