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Maurice Pleasant was born and raised in a family owned business owned by his late business savy grandparents.  Their passions and creative visions for business sparked and entrepreneurial spirit that initially launched his business interests.

Maurice is currently founder and president of MoEquity, LLC and The Creative Real Estate Workshop.  He is passionate about using his years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, banker, real estate investor, small business coach, author, and speaker to work and give small and solo business clients the proven skills, strategies, systems, and tools they need to turn their passions and hard work into more profits and a greater lifestyle.

He believes we all have so much more potential than we give ourselves credit for, and we have the ability to use our mindset to create a meaningful life that includes financial independence, purpose, and service.  To help clients with challenges come up with ways to create something bigger than they thought possible is what motivates him daily.

His book, The Creative Mindset, represents a journey of dedication, perseverance, and determination, and reflects his passion for excellence.  It is his hope to share principals and strategies within the pages of this book that will enlighten, and arouse your mindset to create the things you desire.

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